Up to 1000 sq ft of coverage
The only true revolutionary low maintenance grass seed
Up to 1000 sq ft of coverage over existing lawn. No need to start from scratch!
  • Kentucky Bluegrass and Other Top Performing Seed
  • Drought Tolerant - Roots Up To 48” Deep
  • Designed to Grow to a Dwarf Height
  • Full, Thick Turf to Crowd Out Weeds and Crabgrass  
  • Germinates Quickly
  • Insect & Disease Resistant
  • Sun & Shade – All In One Bag
  • Self Repairing
  • Grey Leaf Spot Resistant
  • Salt Tolerant
  • OMRI Listed All Natural Coating
Take your weekends back with Cutting Edge Low Maintenance Grass!
Up to 48" Deep Roots
No more violating water bans! Cutting Edge Grass has groundwater-seeking roots that can grow up to 48 inches deep – as the water table drops in dry conditions, the roots will try to reach the water to help keep your lawn hydrated.
Requires Less Fertilizer Treatments
Once established, mowing and mulching the top 1/3 of the grass blade clippings back into the soil a few times in the spring and a few times in the fall could provide the necessary amount of nitrogen needed for Cutting Edge Grass without excessive fertilizer applications.
Slow Growth, Dwarf Height Grass
Don’t mow your life away! Cutting Edge Grass is designed to grow to a dwarf height, so you can give your lawn mower a rest more often and enjoy your weekends again.
Get a lawn that grows faster, fuller and thicker.
A Cutting Edge lawn starts with our revolutionary grass seed. Our mix of Kentucky Bluegrass and other top-performing seed work symbiotically to give you a lawn that is full, thick and durable – and best of all it stays a beautiful deep green color and requires very little maintenance!

Do you want a new lawn rather than overseeding your existing lawn? 
You can plant a whole new CE lawn to gain CE results in a shorter period of time.
Attention Lawn Abiding Citizens! 
You don’t have to start from scratch. Get up to 1000 sq ft of overseed coverage 
and give your yard a full, blue-green lushness! 
Be the envy of your neighborhood without restarting your lawn. 
Good for those bare spots and pet urine spots too!
Beauty Beyond Compare
There’s nothing more beautiful than a Kentucky Bluegrass lawn. Our mix of Kentucky Bluegrass and other top performing seed will make your lawn the talk of the county for years to come.
Strength Without Sacrifice

Traditional fine fescue blends simply don’t stand up to foot traffic, play areas and pets. Cutting Edge Grass gives you a durable lawn that can look great even in the harshest conditions. It’s all in the roots – they don’t just grow down, they grow across. This thin root system creates a knitting effect, strengthening your lawn, creating a thick, durable turf that’s used on many sport fields! You CAN have a beautiful lawn. 

You CAN STOP Constant Watering, STOP Constant Fertilizing and STOP Constant Mowing. ORDER NOW and get the low maintenance lawn you’ve always wanted.

Have a Larger Property?
Upgrade to our 10lb Pack for up to 5000 sq ft of coverage
over your existing lawn!
That's about $7.99 per pound. This is a tremendous value if you have larger or multiple properties. And think of all the time and money you'll save with a truly low maintenance lawn.